Our Purpose

We are a church family in pursuit of God by engaging Him, His Word, and His world for His glory. We are glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Does.

Believers are set apart. They are called to community united in Christ. This community has its birth in Christ, grows by Christ, and multiplies by Christ. The Gospel is the story, the hope, the information about Christ. It shaped our salvation, it shapes our community, it brings in to focus the reality of the world around us. Since the Gospel is the news of hope in Christ, we can say the Gospel is to be the foundation our community is to be built upon. The Gospel should be at the center of all we do. The Gospel should be the avenue by which we work and live. The Gospel is foundational, the Gospel is sustaining, the Gospel is vital. The Gospel is what brings us together, sends us out, and sustains us at every moment. Our community should start with, continue in, and extend through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Church in Purpose.

When we are rescued from sin and death through our faith in God’s gracious work in Christ, our way of thinking is transformed. We can no longer continue to think and act according to a nature which was the source of our brokenness and has subsequently been cast aside for our new nature in Jesus Christ. We can’t live a new life by old parameters. New life, new thinking. New wine, new wineskins. Where our old nature told us life consisted of nothing other than the pursuit of self-satisfaction, our new nature in Christ tells us our satisfaction, our true enjoyment of this life, comes from the pursuit of God. A true pursuit of God will show us the blessings of Gospel centered community. When we realized the truth of the Gospel, which is that we were lost with no hope yet saved by God’s grace, we realize where we started from, where we’re going, and why we get to go. We all started as sinners in total isolation from God. Yet now we are forgiven. If God could do this for us, is there anyone He can’t do this for? When we realize we are all in the same boat, we begin to rejoice in others. What our new nature brings to us is that we can now find joy at God’s work in other people. But how do we know other people’s stories unless we are in communication with each other? And how can we communicate if we are never together? And how can we come together without a common bond? When we live our new life in isolation, we deny and dismiss God’s blessing of community. We can come together as a community of believers because the Gospel of Jesus Christ unites us under a banner of faith, hope, and love. We have a great and deeply meaningful connection to each other: Jesus Christ. Our communities of faith are our churches. We can be a church in the purpose of God’s redeeming story.

What To Expect

Come As You Are

We believe we are all sinners saved by grace. We believe Jesus accepts people where they are. So, we feel people should "come as they are" into the church. You'll find everything from t-shirts and jeans to suits and ties. We want to be honest about who we are: people who have been redeemed out of a life of sin and darkness. At the same time, we want to be honest about our struggles. We believe when we are honest about who we are and where we are coming from then grace, mercy, and love abound.

Worship Services

When we worship, we draw from Ephesians 5 and implement psalms, hymns, and praise songs to honor our heavenly Father. We preach from the Scriptures every Sunday so bring your Bible or feel free to use one of our pew Bibles.

We have complimentary activity bags for children to use during the worship services. Children ages newborn to 3 years old can stay in our church's nursery.

Bible Studies

Sunday morning Bible study begins at 9:45am. Come grab a cup of coffee and take part in studying, discussing, and applying Scripture. A list of Sunday Evening Bible Studies can be found here. You can find a list of our Bible study classes for adults here, for youth here, and for children here.